Hydrosure is pleased to offer bespoke and cost-effective water utilities installation Washington services to a growing number of clients. From smaller domestic projects to large commercial requirements which must adhere to rigid time frames, our team aims to please. We address every phase of a project and thanks to a proactive sense of oversight, no unexpected surprises will occur along the way.


Innovative drilling techniques likewise ensure that the external environment will only be minimally disturbed; cutting down on any potential disruptions. From moling and directional drilling to the installation of duct work and drainage channels, you are in good hands.


Our team will use a technique known as moling to effectively displace the surrounding soil; thereby creating a tunnel. Pipework can then be pulled through this channel. Directional drilling is another option, as a pilot borehole is first created. This route is then expanded through a processes called reaming. The end result is that water pipes and similar utilities can be quickly installed beneath the ground.

While the technology behind such process is impressive, we also aim to develop an organic and synergistic relationship with every client. This arises from thorough site assessments, comprehensive surveys and a clear outline of how we intend to accommodate your needs. If you have been less than satisfied with other firms in the past, Hydrosure will not disappoint.


Quality, reliability and durability are three terms which are often used to describe our firm.


Not only do we leverage advanced technological methods, but we can work around your schedule in order to accommodate unique requirements.


We have delivered consistent results when tackling projects of all sizes and once again, our proven track record is continually bolstered by the relationships that are developed with each customer.


Please call us to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

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