Hydrosure offers complete water utilities installation Sunderland service and management. We use trenchless technology to lay the pipes, and with this method, we limit the impact on the surrounding area to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. We also utilise special drilling techniques to achieve reduced cost and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the project.


Our company uses moles to dig through soil by hammering repeatedly. The result of this is the creation of a tunnel. We then place a pipeline through this channel. The procedure also involves directional drilling, and this involves using a drilling pilot borehole path. The path is expanded because we follow the same route through back reaming. The team will then pull the main water pipe through the tunnel created.

We craft alliances with our customers and our conceptual approach to projects provides an acceptable guarantee of timely and successful completion. Whether you are a client who has a business or private property, Hydrosure provides increased flexibility that meets all your needs. We execute careful site surveys to help unearth any problems with the current installation and check to see the conditions of the networks and grounds. Our team will provide you with a brief on the best methods available, and once you approve the project, the work commences


The company offers the complete range of services from the beginning of the project to the end of it. We aim at providing quality, long-lasting, and dependable results. By meticulously coming up with designs for each part of the job, our professionals can implement certain actions to reduce potential risks. The trenchless methods allow for the provision of customised solutions and mitigate on disruptions to the active water main in your business.

We can operate after working hours to avoid business disruption during regular working hours. We will guide you at every step and provide frequent regular updates. Our team has handled both small and major projects. Whatever your needs, we will exceed your expectations as our team focuses on the clients’ objectives.

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