Boasting over 25 years of combined experience, the experts at Hydrosure are able to offer thorough and comprehensive water utilities installation Rothbury and management solutions. Whether referring to drainage, planning, ducting or obtaining a licence, our team is here to help.


We are also pleased to provide trench-less installation solutions. This minimises the effect upon the environment while ensuring that even challenging projects are completed within an amenable time frame. So, what are some of the unique methods which have come to define our firm?


Hydrosure employs two techniques when tackling a project. The process of moling utilises a powerful device which hammers through the nearby soil; creating a channel that will accommodate the existence of a pipeline. The other main option is directional drilling. In this instance, a pilot path is first bored into the soil. This channel is then reamed; enabling it to expand. A mains water pipe is then pulled through this opening.

Regardless of commercial or domestic requirements, the team at Hydrosure aims to develop a hands-on approach with all of our clients. This ensures a greater sense of transparency and projects can thereafter be completed without delay. From site surveys to in-depth project assessments, you will be made completely aware of the steps that are required. It is therefore possible to make an informed decision when the time is right.


Our results-driven firm embraces a flexible approach that is based around the needs of the end user.


Thanks to the trench-less techniques outlined earlier, you can likewise rest assured that any disruptions will be minimal.


This is also one of the reasons why our crews can work after hours to minimise the impact upon your business. Updates are provided on a regular basis and if necessary, we are available for emergency call-outs 24 hours a day.


Please contact us to speak with a representative at your convenience.

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