At Hydrosure, we make good use of the latest utilities installation Hexham technology to provide water to companies, residents, and homeowners.


Once you have felt the need to have some quality water system at home or for your company, we could help in licensing, planning, and installing the gadgets for you at affordable prices.


We know that time matters, and that is why we endeavor to ensure that all our projects are completed on time.


We use the mole process, which involves the displacement of soil with the help of repeated hammering. The pipeline is then pulled through the tunnel by directional drilling. The result is a hole-path which is gain expanded through back rimming so that it follows the same route.

Since we started operating, we work closely with customers so that they see that everything is done as per their instructions. This is how we have gained trust and camaraderie with the people that we have worked for. With our fantastic flexibility, we can utilise our resources strategically to ensure that your project is perfectly completed and on time.


Once you have issued us with the project, we survey the ground and networks thoroughly to find any problem that might deter us from working smoothly. We then issue you with a comprehensive list of options. Once you give us the green light, our work starts immediately.


As a company, we understand that you value your project, and you are looking for the best services possible.


Through the years, we have gained and developed an excellent reputation through cooperation with our clients. We listen carefully and offer our professional advice.


Hydrosure uses the best technologies to ensure that companies and households get safe water at an affordable price without a drop in the level of services provided.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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