Hydrosure offers comprehensive water utilities installation Gateshead management, which encompasses organising, accrediting, ducting, and drainage. Using trenchless technology, we mitigate the impact of the process on the environment, helping us achieve outstanding results in a short period of time. We employ directional drilling methods to reduce costs and maximise project outcomes.


The moling technique moves the soil through repeated hammering, thereby creating a tunnel. A pipeline is then pulled through the tunnel. However, this form of drilling uses a pilot route which we expand following the path that was used before. The team will then pull the main water pipe through the tunnel that has just been created.

Our company builds partnerships with customers through our effective systematic approach to each and every project. We also guarantee completion within the given time period. The clients, who are mostly domestic and commercial property owners, are fully satisfied with our work. Another advantage of our service is the fact that we provide great flexibility. In addition, we do meticulous site surveys to identify the risky areas of the installation on the site. The company provides the best method suitable for the project, and once it is accepted, the project kicks off.


Hydrosure provides the comprehensive service package from start to end of the project and delivers quality, lasting and reliable outcomes. Through prudent designing of each and every stage, the company is able to come up with all the required actions and avoid problems along the way. The trenchless method allows the company to customise solutions, therefore, reducing disturbances to the active water mains.

We can serve a client after 5 pm during non-work hours to decrease disruption on the client’s work. We also provide guidance at each and every step and also updates on how the work is progressing. The company has, over time, completed projects at varying scales. Whatever the requirements of the project, we will match your expectations and fully meet your needs. Our team is oriented towards meeting the customer objectives always.

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