Hydrosure uses the latest technology to ensure that residents, homeowners and companies have clean water for both domestic and commercial use. Not only do we provide reliable water utilities installation Ashington, but we also help in planning, licensing, drainage and ducting.


With the help of innovative systems, the company ensures that you get solutions on a timely basis. Even if you need services but you are unable to craft a good plan, we are always available to make your dream come true. Our work philosophy entails drilling and moling methods to complete your projects in the most efficient way possible.


The mole process involves the creation of a tunnel by displacing the soil through repeated hammering. Our team then pulls the pipeline through the tunnel. Directional drilling, on the other hand, encompasses drilling a pilot borehole path which is then expanded through back reaming, following the same route.

We have always worked with our clients while obeying their instructions to achieve the successful completion of their projects. Both domestic and commercial owners can get our services at a discounted price. Hydrosure is keen on ensuring flexibility to meet all your needs on time.


Before we commence working on your project, we conduct a rigorous survey to find if there is any problem that would interfere with the completion of your project. After a careful study of the ground and networks, we issue you with an outline of options. We wait for your green light, and once you issue it, we start working right away.


We understand that our clients are looking for the best services through the utilization of the latest technology.


Our team of experts is keen on working together with the clients to ensure that all their needs are met. This way, we deliver nothing but quality services, which is why you need to consider us for your next project.


With trenchless technology, we can provide the best solutions so that you have water throughout the year. We have worked on several projects like port side, commercial, and many other small and big projects. Get in touch with our team, and all your queries shall be answered with the most professionalism.

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