We offer directional drilling Washington services to commercial entities with considerable expertise in the installation of underground water mains systems.


Hydrosure have an excellent record of providing environmentally-friendly services. Our commitment to our clients is to provide low-cost solutions for all our projects.


Directional drilling is a method of installing underground piping systems without having to dig out trenches. It involves a predetermined bore path and a pilot borehole. The pilot borehole sets a channel through which the bore path is enlarged using a process referred to as back-reaming. The water mains pipeline is then pulled through the enlarged channel.

This method is suitable for installation of water mains in environmentally sensitive areas or congested areas. We provide speedy and high-quality directional drilling services while we also keep away from interrupting our client’s daily activities.


Whether you are upgrading an old water system or you want to install new water main system, we partner with our clients from the inception to the completion of every project to ensure that our clients get exactly what they want.


Our installation rates go up to 200 metres per day with pipe sizes ranging from 25mm to 355mm in diameter. This is dependent on the required soil conditions and the width of the pipes.

To verify geological information such as soil condition and the condition of the existing pipeline, our directional drilling specialists begin every project by visiting the site for a thorough survey. This will help our experts know the type of pipes to use and how long the project will take. Where the property lacks an active water mains system, we advice our clients on feasible options for the integration of one.



Our drilling services are undertaken by a team of experts who work hand-in-hand with our clients for efficient water main installation. The process is less disruptive, especially when drilling is done during working hours.


We cater for all your underground installation requirements. Once the installation is complete, we follow all protocol to commission the project to our clients; this includes advice on how to take care of the water main system. We also guarantee full reinstatement of the drilling area where we clear and clean the site of any debris after the drilling process.


We are recognised and licensed by the UK government as a reliable water main service provider. Therefore, our licenses, formalities, and searches applied in our drilling operations are legal, with government regulations embedded in all our services.

Our directional drilling operations require a small footprint. We install water main system without disrupting surrounding or immediate infrastructure, surfaces, and even services within the site. We make efforts not to interfere with the operational water mains.

Our strict standards applied in the appointment of qualified engineers ensure that we offer quality services within the shortest time possible. For quick repair of leaks, our team of specialists uses modern technologies to establish where the leak is and necessary course of action taken with immediate effect.

Unlike most drilling companies, we work with all our clients as corporate partners for better results. We guide and inform our clients in all stages of our directional drilling processes for all our projects.

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