Directional drilling Sunderland involves drilling wells in a non-vertical way. This allows you to retrieve water through vertical angles drilled at the site instead of having the drilling done through the traditional vertical drilling of the surface.

Hydrosure is able to undertake such drilling by tapping the correct water source. We are able to carry out the directional drilling through the following ways


Directional drilling is carried out through drilling multiple boreholes on the surface, this method makes it possible to have multiple boreholes within a range of up to one mile. This allows minimal disturbance to e environment by avoiding the drilling of many boreholes drilled vertically. This makes it a cost-effective method of accessing water from water deposits.

At Hydro sure, we are able to use the modern computer-assisted technology to assist in locating water deposits and guide in drilling. Through this technology, we are able to have accurate work done and finished in a timely manner and in a cost-effective way.


We strive to maintain our high standards by having professional and highly trained staff. This is a guarantee to our customers that we are able to handle all their needs and provide a long-lasting solution by undertaking all our projects in a professional manner that follows all the required guidelines as set by the authorities and the professional code in the water sector.


We undertake directional drilling in a cost-effective way to ensure that it is affordable to our customers by also understanding their budget estimates to enable us to find the best approach to solve their needs.

We always deliver our work within the set time limits while at the same time ensuring it is quality work done in a professional way.



At Hydrosure, we use the latest modern equipment’s combined with the latest technology. This, therefore, means we are capable of handling all the challenging tasks that are delivered to us to ensure that our customers can find a permanent solution to their water needs

We take pride in our experience in handling directional drilling. This experience is a result of our continuous undertaking of similar projects from our esteemed customers. This long term exposure has enabled us to understand our work better and correct our mistakes up to the current level where we have become a market leader in directional drilling


Directional drilling is a modern technology that allows the drilling of wells in a vertical angle. At Hydrosure, we are capable of undertaking such projects as highlighted above.


This is due to our experience in handling directional drilling which makes us a market leader in directional drilling.

Our staffs are highly trained in drilling and are always ready to offer the much-needed help and guidance to help our clients when deciding on the best approach to solve their water needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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