Our professional services are commercially available for customers in need of quality affordable directional drilling Jedburgh services.


Hydrosure water main installation services are environmentally safe for all our clients.


Directional drilling, a horizontal drilling technique, is a method of installing underground water conduits with minimal impact on the surface and the surrounding infrastructure. Our directional drilling process of installing water mains is done in phases. The first stage involves drilling a pilot hole through a pre-set entry path.

The second phase consists of enlargement of the pilot hole using a back reamer to have sufficient size for installation of the product lines. Finally, the pipe in the back-reamed hole is pulled back and the product line placed into the hole.

This technique is ideal for use in sensitive environmental areas, populated areas, and in piping industries.


It will take us one day to install water mains up to 200 metres with pipeline length measuring up to 250m. This is effective with the condition of the soil and size and diameter of the pipeline being relative. Pipe diameters usually range from 25mm to 355mm.


Verification of the status of the site is the initial step undertaken by our directional drilling engineers. This seeks to determine soil capabilities, condition of soil under the surrounding structures, and screening of the existing pipeline.



We install top-quality water main system for you as well as repair damaged water systems. Our installation process is fast and reliable.

As a government licensed service provider in water mains installation, we perform due diligence right from the initiation to the delivery of your project. In addition to minimal disturbances caused when drilling, we guarantee clients a site clean-up, where we leave your site the same way we found it. The footprint demanded by our directional drilling services is small, causing minimal disruption of the ground.


Our clients are our top priority. We walk with you from consultations to delivering your project by giving you feasible plans, updates, and any other relevant information on the project to ensure that we provide services to the best of our capacity.

In addition to having a vast experience in directional drilling, we appoint individuals with a high level of expertise in the field, to ensure our clients only get the best. For this reason, all our services are tailored to meet all your underground drilling needs.

We employ modern technologies to ensure that we reach our strict standards of quality as well as warrant that our clients get value for their money. Our services are always cost-effective and delivered on time.

Our directional drilling specialists are always on standby for any emergency services required. We work round the clock to ensure our clients are always attended to when they call us. Our drilling process is less disruptive and causes minimal disturbance to services at the drilling site.

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