Directional drilling Gateshead refers to drilling of wells in a vertical angle position. This method has a minimal environmental impact and which makes it one of the most appropriate methods for use in the present day world.


Through his method, a larger water source can be targeted from a single source such as a well. Directional drilling makes it possible to drill multiple wells spread across an area as opposed to the traditional method of drilling wells vertically on the ground.

Some of the ways how we perform directional drilling at Hydrosure is explained below.


At Hydrosure, we carry out directional drilling by first assessing the site to establish whether the project is viable. This process is carried out by our highly trained technical staffs who then determine whether the project is viable or not. If viable, we move the site and establish the source which we target and start the drilling process.

Through this method, we are able to have multiple wells from a single source which brings down the costs of the entire project. Directional drilling allows us to have a water production profile which dictates what each of the multiple wells is able to produce from the main central source. This type of drilling also is useful in places that are near rivers by allowing the use of pipelines. This makes it a cost-effective way of producing water and having it safely delivered to the right places.


We value our clients and always train our staff in customer service to ensure they are able to interact and deal with our clients in a professional and friendly manner. Good customer service forms part of our backbone as a company where we treat our clients as critical partners that we need to work with. This level of mutual respect helps us in conjunction with our clients to design and implement projects with ease.


At Hydrosure we take pride in having highly qualified staff who have the technical knowledge in carrying out directional drilling. This is to ensure we deliver quality work to our clients and have value for their money.



Use of latest technology which enables us to make the correct and most accurate detection of water source before drilling starts. This ensures that the work can be done in a timely manner.

At Hydrosure, we have the experience in dealing with directional drilling ad which makes us the preferred company in offering water directional drilling services in the sector.


At Hydrosure, we are capable of handling directional drilling in a timely manner while at the same time ensuring we deliver quality work.


We remain committed to always carrying out our work in a professional manner that promotes respect to the environment and humanity.


We also remain committed to always continue engaging our clients at each step of the way from the start till the end of the project to ensure that they fully understand what goes on every step of the project and how much they stand to benefit from projects accomplished using directional drilling .

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